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Marica is a fearsome grandma who has always loved her sex on the rough side…her latest girlfriend only turned 18 a few weeks ago and is getting a REAL education in lesbian sex :)

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64 year old Betty is as horny today as when she was 18 years old…she has lovers of all shapes and sizes & all ages in her long experienced life…but this is a first even for her – her latest girlfriend is just 18 years old!

Young Lexy is in for one education she will never forget – she is still little nervous when it comes to eating pussy, but in the knowledgeable hands of grandma Betty she will soon be a pussy eating expert….Betty is more than happy to let her young pupil practice her skills on her hairy pussy :)

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How does she do it!?  Effie is a self-confessed nasty slut, who has fucked more cock and eaten more pussy than anyone could ever keep track off…yet here she is with a new girlfriend who is just 18 years old and totally adorable!!

Her young lovers name is Marie, and she is every bit as innocent as she looks – Effie will have fun corrupting this little cutie :)  Effie will teach her everything there is to know about eating, fingering & fisting pussy  – and she will practice what she learns on Effie’s hairy old cunt :)

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There may be a 60 year old age gap between this lesbian couple, but the  sex they share just couldn’t be better….

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Salome and Doris are not your usual lesbian couple – for one thing Salome is a 20 years old sexually inexperienced girl, while Doris is a 64 year old granny slut – that’s an age difference of over 40 years!

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Orhidea and Bijou are not your average lesbians couple – for one thing kinky Bijou only turned 18 years old a few weeks again, and her first real girlfriend is almost 72 years old!

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Its’ always nice seeing two gorgeous blondes in bikinis!  There may be a huge age gap batwing Norma & Candy (almost 55 years!), but sexually they totally compatible :)

Candy has always loved having her pussy eaten, but lesbians her own age often lack the skills & experience to satisfy her – grandma Norma has been eating pussy for over 40 years – she KNOWS how to make a girl cum with just her tongue!  Using dildos & strapons is also something Norma has plenty of useful experience of :)

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