Old & young lesbians Chary & Laura

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What a delightful lesbian couple Chary & Laura make!  Chary is 18, and Laura is 81!  Big difference in age, but they do share many similarities…especially in the bedroom :)

Chary has always found it easy to relate to older people, so perhaps it’s no surprise that all her lovers have been much older than her – Laura is the first granny she’s ever had sex with, and it’s fair to say she won’t be the last…there is something so damm sexy about learning from & fucking an experienced lady :)

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77 year old grandma Laura hasn’t had pussy this young & fresh for 50 years!

Young & old lesbian couple Chanel & Laura

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What difference does age make to a lesbian couple who are both horny as hell!?  Grandma Laura is 77 years old – cute Chanel is just 18!

Laura is in heaven having such a young tight pussy at her mercy – she is going to lick and finger it for hours on end….it’s been 40 years since she had pussy this fresh…the kinky old lesbian bitch also wants to FIST it….her young lover is fine with that, as she’s always wanted to try fist fucking, but only with someone who was experienced…

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Lesbians  Naomie and Margo are a match made in heaven – they both adore oral sex, and dildo insertions…the only real difference between them is their age, Margo is 63 & pig-tailed Naomie is just 18!

In this scene the girls are on fire for each other – they just cant keep their hands off each other..they both know they’ll need to reach for their dildos if they are to satisfy each other….kinky bitches even use the dildos on each others asshole…

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Margareta is totally obsessed with fresh young tight lesbian pussy!  Her latest girlfriend is just 18 years old, and it’s been many, many years since she devoured pussy this tight & fresh :)

Margarete spends HOURS between her young lovers legs….teasing, flicking, tonguing that delicious pussy hole…young Lana has never experienced such intense orgasms…she’s learning that experience is essential when it comes to eating pussy :)

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Sometimes opposites attract, and Hetty and Eliz are at the opposite end of the size scale AND the age scale!

Petite boonde teen Eliz is just 18 years old, and slim enough to walk on the catwalk…her latest girlfriend is THREE times her age and probably THREE times her size…but they both adore each other totally :)  In this scene the girls are eating each others pussy, and fucking a strapon – hot kinky hardcore young & old lesbian sex dosen’t get any better :)

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Blonde grandma teaches teen how to eat pussy

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There is very little about pussy eating that 63 year old grandma Sally does not know – she’s had many years of experience after all !  Inia on the other hand is a total novice…but she is very eager to learn from her new experienced girlfriend :)

Young Inia has never even seen a pussy as bushy and as natural as Sally’s – all her pervious girlfriends have had shaven bald pussies just like her own…old & young lesbian sex is a whole new adventure on so many levels – what will Sally teach her next!?

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Gina Red and White Angel are one amazing couple :)  In these videos they are fingering and eating each others holes.

Grandma Gina has a wild, hairy pussy that her young girlfriend has never experienced before…she loves licking that furry holes for hours & hours…young White has a bald shaven pussy…been many years since Granny Gina has had the privilege of tasting a young shaven pussy…she can’t get enough :)

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Kati Bell proves you can be a granny, and still enjoy a fulfilling sex life, AND attract much younger lovers – her latest girlfriends is just 18 years old, and a real stunner :)

Granny Kati has the most amazing big natural tits – her teen girlfriend loves to suck on her nipples for hours at a time…and what of that experienced old hairy pussy - young Lexi has never eaten a natural hairy pussy before, but truly loves it :)

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Young lesbian fucking her granny girlfriend with a strapon dildo

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There may be well over 50 years of age difference between, Viviana and Chicky – but the sex they share is wilder & more intense than either of them has ever experienced before :)

In this latest scene from Old Young Lesbian Love, Viviana is expertly fucking her girlfriends old pussy with a strap on dildo – it’s been many years since she was last satisfied with a strap on & she is determined it won’t be her last :)

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Old lesbian fucks a 18 year old with a strap on dildo

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Marica is a fearsome grandma who has always loved her sex on the rough side…her latest girlfriend only turned 18 a few weeks ago and is getting a REAL education in lesbian sex :)

The teen loves it when her Marica dildofucks her, so how is she going to like bending over and taking a hard deep pussy fucking with strapon-dildo!?  She’s better be on her guard as Marica has a habit of fucking young girls ASSHOLES with her strap-on….

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