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Hetty and Daisey enjoy a adventurous & varied sex life – oral sex of course is a big and important part of their fucking, so too are fisting, and dildoing – in these photos we see the girls fucking together using a double dildo

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Kate & Nelly are NOT your average lesbian couple – for one thing Kate is just 18 years old, while Nelly is a much more mature 63 years old! 

The girls have been a couple for several months & their sex life just keeps getting better & better…by he own admission Kate was not very experienced when it comes to eating pussy etc., but with Nelly’s help & experience she’s turning into an expert pussy eater :)

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Some people may find it rather unusual that 18 year old brunette lesbian Anabella latest girlfriend is almost 60 years old….but when you see them together, and FUCKING together you realises its one very special & successful young & old relationship :)

In these Old Young lesbian love photos the girls are in the hot tub…of course it doesn’t take long till they are both aching to fuck each other…granny Cecily beds over the edge of the hot tub invitingly…she wants to feel her young lovers tongue buried deep inside her experienced old cunt..or maybe even her ass…in return Cecily will make her young girlfriends pussy explode with juices as she expertly eats her juicy young pussy :)

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Nikki has always been a very submissive lesbians – perhaps that’s why she was so keen to fuck with a more experienced mature lady…her latest girlfriend is more than THREE times her age :)

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Can you think of a better sex teacher for young brunette babe, Melanie, than a 49 year old mother of three and grandmother!?  Yes, Liza fits the role as sex teacher just perfectly…it also gives her a chance to taste and fuck some of the freshest pussy she’s had in a very long time…

The first thing Liza wants to teach her young pupil is how to eat pussy…it’s an essential part of all lesbian sex, and young Melanie is very eager how to make a girl cum with just her mouth and tongue…after some pussy eating it’s time to master the art of fucking a strap on dildo…Melanie gets down on all fours and raises her perfect ass in the air for her experience lover to demonstrate how good lesbian strapon fucking truly can be…

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Blonde granny Kati is heaven when she has her 18 year old girlfriends pussy in her mouth.

They have been together for a few months and neither of them has experienced sex as intense and meaningful as this before.  Oral sex is obviously a big part of their relationship – they spend hours licking and nibbling on each others pussies. There may be a huge age difference between these lesbians but, when the sex is this good, it’d be crazy to let that get in the way of their happiness :)

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Without doubt, blonde grandma Effie has to be one of the worlds sluttiest, cock hungry grandmas in the world….and she’s proud of it!

So, how did a nasty old granny whore like Effie end up with an adorable 18 year old girlfriend!?  Well Effie can be really charming when she wants to be, and the young teen was really turned on by her obvious experience & knowledge about fucking.  In this Old Young Lesbian Love episode Effie is fucking her new lover with a strap on dildo – Effie doesn’t do things by half, and her young girlfriends pussy is in for one seriou7s stretching….she won’t forget this day in a hurry….

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Blonde lesbian grandma Lili has tried just about kind of fucking imaginable in her experienced life…she’s never fucked a girl as cute and young as Cindy Hope though AND she’s never been fucked by a mechanical dildo machine before :)

Lili can’t believe how sweet her young lovers pussy tastes – it’s been many years since she tastes such sweet love juice!  Then it’s time for Lili to be machine fucked for the very first time – she totally trusts Cindy to control the speed and power of the fucking…this is an experience neither of these gorgeous blonde lesbians will EVER forget :)

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 Sandora may be 64 years old and be a total slut, but she still has some charm left – how else would she have managed to seduce a totally adorable blonde 18 year old!?

To be honest the young blonde has always been very attracted to older, more experienced ladies…so in that respect there a perfect match!  Sandora quickly gets naked with her new girlfriend…she wants her hairy old cunt to be fist fucked…the young blonde is a little nervous at first, but with Sandora’s help she soon has her clenched fist buried deep inside a very old & experienced cunt….who cares what age they are when they both ADORE fucking each other :)

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